A Visit

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There's a swing in our back yard where I visit occasionally with Jesus. Last night, as the near full moon eased its soft light through the trees, it was as if He were actually sitting right there, on the swing, beside me. And we visited, about health, the church I pastor, folks I love deeply who need me to love them alongside the Creator of all that is, other stuff. And this Lord and God, this presence who became an ordinary guy who can visit on a swing, talked and listened and gently fed my soul with His love. I might hesitate to tell that story--it could raise questions about my psychospiritual health or theological rectitude--except for one thing; I think many of you have similar experiences, visits with Jesus like the visits you'd have with an uncle or dear friend, like the times I sit in peace with my wife and dogs. And I think Jesus likes those times, times of abiding in Him (John 15:4).

Jesus surely shows up in churches, our devotionals, our prayers. But I think His favorite places to hang out are the backyard swing, the path surrounded by life gifts, the office chair, by the kitchen stove, in the laundry and library and bed where we rest and the game where we cheer with friends. Because I believe that, above all, Jesus enjoys the very thing He came, and He comes to give--life well loved and lived. I believe He enjoys now as He did in His earthly life, our visits with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who comes to sit with us as a friend, as the love of God given to us.