About Me

Education has given only a smidgen of what my seventy-three years have taught. I earned a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University and an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary.  Spheres of service have included the United Methodist Church, private practice as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and authorship of Climbing Home. I founded Shiloh Counseling Services, which continues outstanding counseling service under new ownership, and am pastor of New Home United Methodist Church. My wife, Calder, and I live in Lubbock, Texas. But those facts are just the beginning of my story.

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My Life


I felt sort of lost in elementary school in Birmingham, Alabama. It helped to have family, like granddad, who loved me; and forty years of ministry, teaching, and counseling have given a boost to my sense of self. But God's love has become my primary teacher; Jesus Christ has loved me into life beyond degrees. God is teaching me above all through the outdoors, Christian sacraments, devotions, and a few life changing relationships; I hope to share in this website some of what I am learning.



God's persistent search to give life has lifted me up beyond years in recovery from alcoholism, cancer survival, and as a wanderer looking for home.


My wife, Calder, and I have enjoyed the life-giving work of raising our boys, have spent alot of time outdoors, and  were very active in our work of nursing and ministry. I am now semi-retired but still love serving churches and clients, and love mentoring and supporting friends, family, and you readers. Oh...and I relish every opportunity to walk our dogs!



My life has taught--and I am still learning!-- that there is nothing more worthwhile than to grow in love for God, myself, loved ones, and life itself. I hope that this website will encourage all of us, as writer and readers, as we continue our journey toward eventual sunset and the new day that awaits us beyond when God's grace will wrap us in wonder, love, and praise.