Still...with Love

I adored my sister, all her earthly life...and still today; and she loved me, her "Madoc the grat" brother, deeply as well. These words poured out last night as I felt the poignant mingling of Jesus' presence, her death, and her return to the embrace of her Creator.

Still...with Love

Love can, at times,

Must, at times

Be still.

Perhaps it is only then

Beyond the voice of

Word or

Tears or

Joy or


That Jesus knows His welcome

To come and rest awhile

Breathe awhile

Live awhile...


Perhaps it is only then

That Jesus knows


To lead beside still waters

To point to a right path

To restore life

Perhaps it is only then

That Jesus can

Raise the dead

To the new life

Of love

That fills the earth

That lifts the soul

That is present

Even in the stillness

Especially in the stillness

Of absence.